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👋 Hi, I'm Chad Carson (aka Coach Carson).

If any of those sound familiar...

This course Find Your Focus was built for you.

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The push you need to finally get started (or restarted) with real estate investing.

All new real estate investors face the same 3 problems:

1. Overthinking:

So many new investors think you need to figure it ALL out before getting started. You don't! Just take the right actio by following in the footsteps of others.

2. Too Busy:

Have you ever told yourself you don't have enough time to get started with real estate? This is one of the most common challenges among aspiring investors who also work a day job. They convince themself it's not possible instead of finding the right strategies that take less time and fit their situation.

3. Overwhelming:

Today the internet has TOO MUCH information on real estate investing. It's easy to become overwhelmed and get stuck in analysis paralysis without a step-by-step plan you can trust.

But Find Your Focus
changes things!

1. You don't have to "10x" or "Go Big" to be wildly successful in real estate investing

Find Your Focus is all about the SMALL AND MIGHTY approach to investing.

This means finding the simplest, low-hassle plan and the FEWEST number of properties needed to achieve your goals.

By the end of the course, you'll have a clear idea of your big-picture financial goal and how many properties you'll need to achieve it.

2. No more forcing yourself into cookie-cutter strategies that don't work for you

If you were in a shoe store, would you force yourself to buy the wrong size shoe?

Then why force yourself to use a real estate strategy that's a bad fit?!

In Find Your Focus, you'll discover unique strategies that work for YOUR situation so that you can feel comfortable and actually make progress.

3. Discover the real estate approaches that generate the most cash flow and build the most wealth

Real estate investing is like a journey where you go through stages.

In this course, you'll discover which stage you're in and which strategies (cash flow generating, wealth building, or both) make the most sense for you.

With that focus, you'll find it much easier to find the best real estate deals.

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  MODULE 1: Big Picture of Financial Independence
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  MODULE 2: Know Thyself Before Building Wealth
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  MODULE 3: How to Choose Your Real Estate Investing Strategy
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